Looking for Experienced Rp Partner


I can't say I know how to begin.

I've never RPed FFIX before, but I have wanted to for a couple of years...I think. Time goes by so quickly, doesn't it! Anyway.

I have this over-whelming desire to RP Blank. Or, more specifically, KujaBlank/BlankKuja. Crack, I know, but work with me here.
This desire was formed when I read a piece of Fanfiction that was based on the pairing, and it rather impressed me. Unfortunately, it was never finished and I don't think it ever will be. But yes. That is where my desire for this particular crack stemmed from.

I don't have a particular idea in mind, expect for the fact that it takes place after the game ends. Maybe even a little AU. I'm okay with smut and gore and all things mature, although that said, I enjoy my plot. Very much so. So, no pointless smutting for me.

My Rp style takes a story/paragraphing format. Example:

Blank sat with his head in his hand as the cogs began to move and the bell began to chime. "Ugh..." Blank muttered "My head.." Maybe is wasn't such a good idea to grab a 'quick drink' with Marcus when you knew you had to spend the night in the hideout, where the bell chimed after every performance in the Theatre District.

Normally, I'd go for longer than that, depending on what I have to work with, but that was just an example, so short and sweet it must be. Oh! And also, I'm interesting in Rping other pairings too, that is, if anyone is interested in a long-term Rp partner.

Get in touch if you're interested~

Looking for: Naruto Roleplay Partner

Looking for a passionate and literate Rper who is capable of roleplaying several characters and has a wide-range of interests when it comes to pairings, as well and someone who is not adverse to the occasional crack pairings. I am looking for someone who enjoys AU and well as Canon Rp and isn't afraid to try something new! I also Rp through MSN, AIM and E-mail.

An interest in both the Anime and Manga would be preferable but not strictly necessary. Also, someone who does not like limiting Rps would be appreciated. The only thing I will say now is that I will not abide gender-bending (it's really not a kink I enjoy) but I'm up for pretty much anything else and would like someone who was the same, for the most part. Someone who is not opposed to Yaoi would be necessary.

Characters I can RP:

I'm sure there are more. They're the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but I'm always willing to try new characters and a fearless Rp partner would be very much appreciated.

My Rp Style (shown in and extract from an old Rp):

When the door clicked shut, and Gaara's eyes fell on him, the falsity on his expression was dropped. He no longer smiled, but his eyes were still bright, moving across the room over towards the window, looking out over the expanse of the Kingdom in front of him. The room wasn't dark, but in contrast to the light filtering in through the windows it was. Glancing around the room, it was easy to see there were several bonsai trees. One in the corner of the room in a pot by the door, a baby bonsai tree in a small pot on the little coffee table Gaara was currently sat at, and another by the bed.

Sasori had no desire to speak to the other redhead immediately, but they both knew they would have to open their mouths and communicate eventually. It didn't seem like Gaara was interested in making small-talk either, so, opening the floor for conversation with the topic of Bonsai trees was simply out of the question. Of course, after approximately ten minutes in the company of each other without a word, Sasori finally glanced over at the other, almost immediately taking note of the sand which flew in animated wisps around the younger male's feet and legs.

It was then of course, that Sasori simply decided that being blunt was the best course of action to take, smiling a little more, his gaze lingering on the sand. The deadly sand he had heard so much about. Most advised to him simply “get the hell out of the room” should Gaara begin to even remotely display the slightest hint of aggression. However, Sasori supposed he'd done very little to actually anger the man, he was likely just a contributing factor. “I don't want to marry you, either.” He said simply, finally lifting his gaze to meet those foam green eyes. In those few words he'd laid both of their feelings bare. They were obvious yes, but neither would usually admit to them.

Please leave a message for me if you are interested and we'll talk in more detail then, and exchange contact information then. I'll get back to you as soon as I can~


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